Why do some mountain bikes sound better?

More pawls in combination with more engagement points results in more movement and noise. Since more pawls and engagement points equal greater pedaling efficiency, more expensive hubs offer more of those and sound louder.

Some bikes click louder than others

A freewheel is built into the cassette on low end bikes. Light oil used to lubricate the inner parts of the freehub/freebody causes it to be loud. It is possible to use thicker oil to reduce the noise and grease, but it is not as efficient as it could be.

Is the louder the hubs better?

Yes, but not completely silent. Adding grease to the engagement and drag points within the free hub mechanism has been used by many mechanics to quiet down their hubs.

Is Louder hubs better?

The louder the hub, the faster engagement, which is part of the reason for those extra decibels.

Why do expensive bikes make noise?

The sound we hear when we stop pedaling is made from each pawl being pushed quite firmly across each ratchet as the wheel rotates.

Is it better to have more pawls?

The number of pawls can vary between designs, but in general the more the better. The bigger the teeth and pawls, the better they will deal with larger amounts of Torque.

Why are some hubs so loud?

Higher-end hubs use stronger springs and have more pawls and engagement points, which makes them louder and more aggressive. Lighter grease doesn't restrict the motion of the springs as much as more advanced hubs do.

Why do some hubs click?

Many higher end hubs have a different click to them. This is present for many reasons. The spring tension on the pawls tends to be higher than cheap mass produced hubs, which allow them to snap down onto the step for instant engagement.

Hope hubs are loud

The sound of the Hope Pro 4 hub is loud. I like it. I use a bell to alert hikers and other riders on the trails that I am around the corner. The Hopes don't get spooked because they hear the buzzing of the rear hub.

Chris King hubs are loud

My hubs are very quiet, barely any sound, while others with Chris King hubs make a much louder buzz. One with few and larger pawls will give a slower and rougher sound than a freewheel with many shallow pockets.

Why are BMX bikes so loud?

The springs on the pawls push them out of the driver's body. The loud sound from the hub is caused by the rapid contact between the teeth and pawls in a BMX bicycle.

There is a question about what makes a good hub bike

Good-quality bearings are the key to long and healthy hubs. Older or less expensive hubs may use cup and cone bearings, which contain two rings of loose ball bearings that sit in cups inside the hub body, and are secured in place by conical nuts.

Why are some bikes so loud?

Motorcycles are loud because of the exposed engine and exhaust pipe length. There is no insulated engine compartment. The exhaust and muffler aren't long enough to slow the exhaust and air down, which makes it louder coming out.

People want loud hubs

If you own loud hubs, you can let riders know you are on a crowded trail. The other use for loud hubs is that it will keep me pedalling instead of coasting, as the sound gets rather annoying while you coast.

What is the difference between a pawl and a ramp?

There is a wheel with slanting teeth. The pawl is a lever that rests on the teeth. The pawl catches in the teeth when the wheel rotates one way and the other way.

How many Pawls hubs do you have?

There are 32 holes in the hubs.

Is chain slap a bad thing?

It is normal. The simplest thing you can do is put a slap guard around your drive side chain stay. An old tube or foam guard could be used.

Chain slap, what is it?

There are a few cheap and easy solutions for chain slap. When it comes to noise, chain slap, down every rough downhill section or off every drop is one you cannot miss.

Do better hubs make a difference?

The performance of the bicycle is affected by the hub. The connection between the wheels and the frame of the bike is created by the hubs. The bike will ride slowly if there is excess debris in the races that hold the ball-bearings.

Some freewheels click

The clicking sound is the pawls as they run across the teeth. Whenever the bike is moving, the pawls spin on the hub body. The pawls have something that fits over them.