Which Duke bike is the best?

RC 200, 125 Duke, and 200 Duke are the most popular models. The 790 Duke and 790 Adventure are expected to launch in India in 2021. The ex-showroom price for the model is Rs. It was 2.87 million.

Which bike is the best?

The top bikes in 2019. The 790 Duke will be the most powerful motorcycle to be sold in our country and is expected to be priced around Rs 8 to 8.5 lakh on the road. The Duke was the 200th item on the list. The Duke was the KTM 250. The Duke is the KTM 390. The RC 390 is from the KTM.

Should I buy Duke 125 or Duke 200?

The Duke 200 has a top speed of 135 kmph, while the Duke 125 has a top speed of 106.54 kmph. The Duke 200 is a better choice for those who want a faster bike. The Duke 125 gives a mileage of 46.92 kmpl compared to the Duke 200's 35 kmpl.

Which Duke gives the best mileage?

If you crash the bike or have an accident, the Duke 200 should be cheaper to repair than the duke 250 since Duke 200 has a fiber tank.

Which is better, Duke or RC?

It is 2.08 million. The base model of the KTM 200 Duke is priced at Rs. The Duke 200 and RC 200 were compared. The Ex-Showroom Price is Rs. The amount is 1.85 lakh Rs. The fuel type of the engine is petrol.

Which bike has the highest mileage?

There is a list of 8 best mileage bikes in India. 64,301 is from Mumbai. 74,387 is from Mumbai. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon is 50 kmpl. 96,320 is in Mumbai.

What is the difference between Duke 125 and Duke 200?

The 125 Duke has an engine that makes 14 PS and 12 Nm. The power and Torque of 200 Duke is 25.83 PS and 19.5 Nm. The 125 Duke comes in 1 colour while the 200 Duke comes in 2.

What is the meaning of KTM?

The full form of ktm is Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. It means "motor Vehicle" in English. The company is based in Austria and makes sports cars and motorcycles.

Which bike has the highest mileage?

The KTM is an adventure. The highest mileage is NA. The Duke 125 is by the KTM. The highest mileage is 39 km/l. The Duke 200 was for the KTM. 35 km/l is the highest mileage. The Duke 250 is for the KTM. The highest mileage is 26 km/l. The Duke is a KTM. 32 km/l is the highest mileage. The KTM RC 125 is a motorcycle. 50 km/l is the highest mileage. The KTM RC 200 is a 200 horse race. The highest mileage is 90 km/l. The RC is from the KTM. 32 km/l is the highest mileage.

Which bike is the best in India?

The top 10 bikes in India have the same price and mileage. There is a Honda CB Shine. The series is called the BajajCT. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a vehicle. There is a Hero Glamour. The name of the person is Platina. Hero passion. The popular bike series from Hero is the Passion range. TVS Apache. The TVS Apache range has done well in India.

What is the fuel range in the area?

The fuel tank of the RC is good for a run of around 230-240 kilometers. Depending on the riding conditions and style, the range may be different. What is the situation? Which bike has the best looks, performance, milage, speed, and features?

Which is the fastest Duke?

The jury's choice bike of the year was the 390 Duke. The 390 Duke has a top speed of 99 mph and a 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) time, making it the fastest motorcycle in India.

Which bike is better?

The TVS Apache RR 310 is a smoother version of the BMW G 310 R. We haven't tested the BMW's new bike yet, but we expect it to be better than the Duke.

Which one is the best?

The Duke is powered by a 373.3cc engine, while the RC is powered by a 373.3cc engine. The Duke BS6 RC 390 BS6 Max Power has a power output of 43.5 PS.

Which is the best bike in India?

Hero Splendor Plus is the most popular bike in India. TVS Jupiter 125 was worth 64,850. Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a price of 73,400. Top 10 bikes cost over 2 million dollars. The model price is 350 Rs. TVS Apache RTR 160 Rs is 1.84 million. 1.07 million TVS Apache RTR 160 4V Rs. 1.15 million.

Which fuel is best for a bike?

Speed 97 is the only super fuel that can be used for bikes and cars in India. If you have a high performance machine, the premium you pay for petrol is justified.

What is the best bike for daily use?

There are 10 best bikes for daily use in India. The most trusted 150cc bike in India is the Pulsar. The Hero Splendor Plus. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is the next generation. The Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is a V3. The Yamaha FZS-FI V3 is a vehicle. The Honda Shine. TVS Apache RTR 160 The Bajajina 100 is a drum.

What is Duke 150's mileage?

The 42-45 KMPL engine has a top speed of 130 KMPH and a mileage of 42-45 KMPL.

Is it a part of Bajaj?

Pierer Mobility AG and Bajaj Auto are the owners of the Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer. The company is a leading off-road motorcycle manufacturer.

Where is it from?

Hans Trunkenpolz opened a metal-working shop in Austria in 1934. The business is called Trunkenpolz Mattighofen. The Trunkenpolz company is an official supplier of motorcycles for the first time.

Who made the horse?

Hans Trunkenpolz.