What does Crf stand for?

December 20, 2004. CR is a competition race and F is a four stroke race. The play bike line was brought to them by carrying over the CR.

What is the meaning of CRF on a Honda dirt bike?

June 12, 2005. Four stroke competion ready. Family is what the f at the end means. Family bikes.

What is the meaning of CRF F?

It's called CRF-F. The CRF-F series includes the CRF50F, CRF110F, CRF125F, and CRF125F. Electronic Fuel Injection is standard on the CRF125F, CRF125F, and CRF250F.

What does CR stand for?

CR is the Close ratio. The close ratio is fourstroke.

What is the meaning of CRFRB?

The Honda CRF150R was released in 2006 and is a dirtbike. It cannot race in the 85cc mod because it competes in the Mini Class. Or stock class. The model is referred to as the CRF 150RB R meaning Race and B meaning Big wheel.

What is the meaning of Honda XR?

Cross country racer. Cross country/ street legal. CR is a course racer. A course racer has four strokes.

What is the meaning of KTM?

There is a motorcycle and sports car company called KTM. The last two letters of the firm's name are short for aktiengesellschaft, which means share or joint-stock company.

What is the meaning of CBR for Honda?

The old CB series was a shortened version of the Honda Cub and Super Cub. My guess is that it was the Honda Cub.

What is the difference between the two?

The smoker is for sure if your riding trails. You should use the thumper if you are riding MX tracks.

What is the meaning of TTR for Yamaha?

October 24, 2006 Time To Ride is a collection of Yamaha Acronyms.

What is the difference between the two?

The CRF has a lower oil capacity than the XR's. The higher spirited 4-stroke race bikes have higher maintenance demands. The suspension on the CRF's tend to be more stiff than the XR's. The 250X is the only one that has a light.

What are the Honda dirt bike models?

If there is one thing we love, it is checking out the newest lineup of dirt bikes. Honda CRF450RWE Honda CRF450X The Honda CRF250R is a motorcycle. The Honda CRF150R is a big wheel. The Honda CRF250F is a motorcycle. The Honda CRF125F is a big wheel. The Honda CRF-110F is a motorcycle.

When did Honda start using fuel?

October 3, 2003-Honda Motor Co. The world's first electronically controlled fuel injection system has been developed for use in 50cc engines.

How tall is a Honda?

The seat height is 34.1 inches and the wheel base is 54.1 inches. Part diagrams can be found onMotoSport.com.

How big is the CRF 150RB?

Honda designed the CRF150R/RB as a part of the racing lineup for the younger racers. The taller kids will like the larger wheel size of the CRF150RB. The front wheel size is 17 inches and the rear is 14 inches.

How tall is the CRF125F?

39.8 inches Honda CRF125F dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight, width, height, seat height, and lowest setting.

What is JohnConnor's bike?

The Honda XR in the film was dubbed with a 2-stroke sound to create a strong contrast with the Harley- Davidson.

YZF stands for what?

YZF-R6 means Yamaha Racing Four-stroke Racing 600.

Does Honda make a dirt bike?

Honda's 200cc trail bike is known to be the best years for it because of its low center of gravity, good suspension and engine combination. It was light because there wasn't much junk on the bike compared to newer dirt bikes.

What are the main dirt bike companies?

Some of the top dirt bike brands are listed below. It's Yamaha. You can't skip past Yamaha when talking about exceptional dirt bike brands. Suzuki. Suzuki is a leading manufacturer of dirt bikes. The Honda. It's Kawasaki. The name of the company is KTM. It was called bultaco. It's called aBeta. The Husqvarna.

What does KX stand for?

A Acronym is "KX Fort Knox (KY)", "KX Knowledge Xchange (Accenture)", and "KX KilleX (Team Fortress clan)".

Who is the owner of Ducati now?

The group is owned by two companies, one of which is the Volkswagen Group. The motorcycle-manufacturing division of the group is known as Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.

What is the meaning of motorcycle?

Jun 13, 2008 is when the term "race-replica" is used.

What is the meaning of CBR500R?

It's called the Cool Black Ride. The Black Bike Clan has a Honda CBR500R. Add this to your signature to show your love for black bikes.

What does the F stand for?

F is fun. CB stands for City Bike.

What is the difference between a CRF250R and CRF250X?

The suspension and power of the CRF250R are not good for trail riding. The CRF250X is the better trail bike because it is easier to ride and the suspension is more forgiving.

What is the meaning of DTF for dirt bikes?

The home of the Decker Training Facility.

What is the meaning of Klx?

Definition of KLX Acronym.

TTR 125 is worth how much?

The average retail base price is $3,299 and the total price is $2,915.

How fast is a dirt bike?

Depending on the type of engine, a 250cc dirt bike can go up to 70 mph.

How much is a Honda?

From $13,999.

How much is the new CRF 100?

The Honda CRF 100F is a new model with a price of US$ 2880. It depends on taxes, accessories, and country.