There is a question about how to measure bike spokes

The bicycle wheel has a square-shaped nipple. Measure the nipple across the wrench flats to determine the correct spoke wrench size. The spoke's diameter does not determine the spoke wrench's size.

What spokes do I need?

To find the length of spoke, you can check your wheel manufacturer's manual or use an online spoke calculator. You can enter details of your hub and rim to calculate the length you need.

Is it necessary for spoke length to be exact?

You will want to be precise. 2mm short might be too short. You should measure the ERD yourself and be as precise as possible.

What is the diameter of the bicycle spoke?

The elbow is more likely to be broken with a 14 gauge spoke than at the thread. The opposite is true, with a 15 gauge spoke, thread breakage is more likely.

What gauge spoke?

The 14/15 gauge measurement on the spoke refers to the fact that they are a butted spoke, 14g at the ends and a narrower 15g in the middle, which makes them lighter but still strong.

Is the spoke nipples the same size?

The spoke nipple sizes range from 3.30mm to 3.45mm. Some wheels come with spoke nipples in two different sizes, one on the rim and the other at the hub, though not as common.

What size was used for 29er?

You could get away with 295s using the + or 1mm rule, and the 295.1 should be rounded to 295. The 295.8 spokes are your problem.

How many spokes should a bike wheel have?

Conventional metallic bicycle wheels for single rider bikes typically have 24, 28, 32 or 36 spokes, while wheels on tandems have as many as 40 or 48 spokes to support the weight of an additional rider.

Should you round up or down?

Always round down. Being 1mm short won't cause any problems, but being 1mm long can result in the nipples bottoming out on the threads and binding.

What gauge is used?

The spokes that are 2mm in diameter will fit several different sized nipples.

How thick is the spoke?

14g is a wire gauge, 13g is a wire gauge, 12g is a wire gauge, 11g is a wire gauge, and 9g is a wire gauge.

What gauge are mountain bike spokes?

A majority of straight gauge spokes are 2mm or 14 gauge and are used on bmx or mountain bikes where saving weight isn't your primary concern. The spokes are all the same thickness so they are cheaper to make.

What can I use instead of a spoke wrench?

If the spokes don't go all the way through the nipple, you can use an unbutchered screwdriver. A screwdriver with a slot cut into it can work if they do. When the spokes are rounded out, this method works. It's better to spend a few dollars on a spoke wrench that fits.

How thick are the spokes?

The ends are thicker than the middle. The most popular sizes are 2.0/1.8/2.0mm and 1.8/1.6/1.8. Double-butted spokes do more than save weight.

How much do spokes cost?

The spokes are usually $1 to $2 each. Individual spokes will be sold by any shop. The cost to replace a spoke is $10 to $20 depending on where you are.

Straight pull spokes, how do you measure them?

From the point where it transitions from the head to the round section of the spoke, they are measured.

Is it a good idea to ride a bike with a broken spoke?

It is not dangerous to ride with a broken or missing spoke. It is best to stop cycling if three or four spokes have broken. This could lead to more broken spokes and more expensive repairs. If many spokes break, your wheels may fall off.

How is a bike frame measured?

The frame size of adult bikes is measured. The frame is measured from the centre of the crank to the top of the seat tube. Mountain bikes are measured using inches, whereas most road bikes are measured in centimetres.

Are 26 inch wheels the same as 650C?

The bead seat diameter of the 650C rim is 571mm. The bead seat diameter of the mountain bike rim is 559mm. The difference is 12mm.

Is it possible to shorten bicycle spokes?

It is possible to re-cut spokes and thread over the original threads.

What gauge are BMX spokes?

Premium grade 14-gauge stainless steel spokes are available in a ton of awesome colors.

How do you measure spoke length on a mountain bike?

Pull the spoke heads inward to seat the nipples. Measure from the inside to the outside of each J-bend using the narrow tips of the caliper jaws. This measurement should be recorded to the nearest tenth of a millimeter. The spokes were measured with the J-bend-to-J-bend at 35.7mm.

What are the strongest bicycle spokes?

On a per-weight basis, UHMWP is the strongest material on the planet. It's popularity stems from its light weight and resistance to damage.