The answer is how apnet page life cycle works

The page goes through a life cycle in which it performs a series of processing steps. These include initialization, instantiating controls, restoring and maintaining state, running event handler code, and rendering.

How does the page lifecycle work?

The process of the.NET framework. There is no physical page for a specific request. The requests are routed to the controller. The controller is responsible for sending the response back to the browser.

How does the page work?

Dynamic-link library files are also known as DLL files. The files with your code behind it. A whole new file is put into the cs extension. dll extension is copied to the server in the BIN folder of your site.

What is the life cycle of the web?

The chain of events at the server are caused by every request for a page made from a web server. The life cycle of the page begins at the beginning and ends at the end. A request for the page causes the server to load it.

The master page is loaded at the end of the page life cycle

The master page Init event occurs before the page Init and Load events, and the master page Load event occurs after the page Init and Load events.

How is the controller instantiated?

The DefaultControllerFactory is the controller that is created for every request. There is a note about the Html. Another controller will be created by Action Html Helper.

Can you tell me about RenderBody and RenderPage?

The body content should be filled in by view templates based on the master layout file. Content can be filled by other pages on disk on layout pages. The method used to achieve this is called the RenderPage method. The method takes either one or two parameters.

IsNET and ASPNET the same?

NET is the same. The programmers working on these will know that they are not the same. NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft. There is a web application that is used to build applications.

Is it the front end or the back end?

Net has both frontend and back-end languages. C# and VB.NET are used for frontend development.

Why is theNET better than thePHP?

You can get multiple with ASP.NET. NET libraries are not used in the development of the software. Multiple codes can run at the same time with the help of the threading of codes. Because there are less ASP.NET developers in the market, they are paid more than any other developer.

What is the life cycle of a page inNET?

The page goes through a series of events when it runs. Page life cycle are step by step events. The first and last events are Page_PreInit and Page_Unload. SessionID is stored in cookies.

Page load C#, what is it?

The Page_Load method is used after a preLoad event. You can set the default values with Page_Load. Write this and put a break-point on int x is 10, watch sender and e.

How many stages are there in a web page?

The article describes various stages of the page life cycle. There are events in the page life cycle.

What is the view state in c#?

The view state method is used to preserve page and control values between trips. The current state of the page and values that must be retained during postback are serialized into base64-encoded strings.

Which page is the first to load?

The master page load event will start before the content page load event. The content page PreInit event occurs when a master page is merged with a content page.

What is the life cycle of a page?

The system matches the request's URL against the registered URL patterns in the Route Table. When a matching pattern is found in the Route Table, the Routing engine forwards the request to the corresponding IRouteHandler. The Mvc handler is the one that the default one calls.

What is TempData inNET?

TempData is used to transfer data from view to controller, controller to view, or from one action method to another action method of the same or a different controller. TempData automatically removes the data after it retrieves a value.

What is the difference between ViewBag and ViewData?

To transfer data from controller to view, ViewData and ViewBag are used. ViewData is a dictionary of objects and can be accessed by string. The ViewData property exposes an instance of the ViewDataDictionary class. ViewBag is very similar to ViewData.

Why are filters used?

The extra logic is injected at different levels of the framework. A way for cross-cutting concerns is provided by filters.

What is the section inNET?

Section is used to define a content from a shared view. Similar to a Master Page in Web Forms, it is a way for you to adjust your view.

What is rendering inNET?

An excellent text and template-rendering engine can be made from the Razor Engine and the ASP.NET MVC. They make merging text, model data, and code easy.

Why do we use bundling?

The techniques of bagging and minification were used to improve the request load time. It is possible to load a bunch of static files from the server in a single request.