Is it possible to cycle repeat edge?

A closed path is the cycle. These can't repeat anything. The start and end of a closed sequence are the only ones that can be repeated.

Is it possible for a repeated edge to be allowed?

The beginning and end of the cycle are not allowed to repeat. The edges are not allowed to repeat.

Is a cycle continuous?

"loop" is a thing, a path that its end is its beginning and its beginning is its end; while "cycle" is activity-like, like when we go along such a path or complete a cycle.

Is the Hamilton Circuit able to repeat edges?

The travelling salesman problem is similar to the Hamiltonian cycles. The edges can't be repeated.

How many edges does a cycle have?

There are properties. If and only if it has an even number of vertices, a cycle graph is a 2-edge colorable one. 2-regular.

Is a walk infinite?

An infinite walk is a sequence of edges of the same type, but with no first or last edge, and a semi-infinite walk has a first edge but no last edge. A trail is a walk with distinct edges.

Is there a cycle to every circuit?

A circuit is a path that ends at the same point. A cycle is a circuit that doesn't repeat anything. A graph is said to be connected if at least two of its edges are joined by a path.

Is the edge adjacent to itself?

The edge of a loop is called a self-loop.

What is the difference between a loop and edge?

A loop is an edge connecting a single point. Two edges connecting the same pair of points are called parallel or multiple.

Can a tree not have any edges?

If it is a tree, the connected graph has n-1 edges. There are zero edges if the tree is a single vertex.

Is the graph Hamiltonian?

The graph does not have a Hamiltonian cycle. It is the smallest bridgeless graph. Although it has no Hamiltonian cycle, it is the smallest hypohamiltonian graph.

What is the difference between a Hamilton circuit and a Hamilton path?

A Hamilton Path is a path that goes through every part of a graph. A Hamilton Circuit is a path that begins and ends at the same point.

Can a path repeat itself?

An Euler path is a path that uses every edge in a graph. It doesn't have to go back to the beginning.

Is there a way for 2 nodes to form a cycle?

The rule for a set of nodes to contain a cycle conflicts with the rule for a graph with 2 nodes. It is possible to have a cycle if you have at least 2 edges.

Can a graph be disconnected?

A graph is disconnected if at least two of the edges are not connected by a path. Every maximal connected subgraph of G is called a connected component of the graph G if it is disconnected.

Can a tree have cycles?

A tree can never have a cycle. Spanning tree is not always connected. The tree will become disconnected if we remove one edge. A tree is acyclic. A cycle or a loop can be created if we add one edge to the tree.

Is it possible for a simple path to have repeated edges?

A simple circuit is a closed walk with only the first and last edges. There is a path between every pair of the graph.

What is the relationship between two objects?

The end of the path is the only one that is the same as the beginning.

Are trees graphs?

There is a median graph for every tree. Every tree is a graph. Every connected graph G admits a tree that contains every part of G and the edges of G.

Can a multigraph have loops?

A multigraph has no loops.

What makes a circuit?

A Hamilton circuit is one that passes through each point once but doesn't cover all the edges; it only covers two of the three edges that intersect at each point.

Is it possible for paths to have cycles?

A cycle is a path that begins and ends the same way. Most paths are not cycles, but every cycle is a path.

Is it possible for a vertex to have two loops?

Yes. Multiple edges between the same points in the same direction are allowed. Multiple loops on the same point are simply edges with the same start and end point.

Are they close to each other?

An isolated vertex has no neighbors. The number of adjacent vertices is the same as the degree of a vertex. If an edge exists in a special case, the vertex belongs to its own neighbourhood.

Is a directed cycle a self-loop?

A self-loop is an edge. The first and last edges of a directed cycle are the same. A directed cycle is simple if there is no repetition of the first and last vertices.