Do Evans cycles work?

The in-house cycle to work scheme is called Evans Cycles Ride-to-work. For employees, we offer exclusive additional benefits not available elsewhere, and for employers, our dedicated team handles all aspects of scheme administration and promotion.

Do Evans Cycles accept vouchers?

One of the cycle to works schemes is your employer. There are a number of suppliers, including the Evans scheme. You are not tied to the retailer shown at the top of the voucher if you accept vouchers from every scheme currently in the market.

What bike do you want to use for the cycle to work scheme?

You can get any adult bike with the scheme. You can apply for just accessories if you already own a bike.

Who is in charge of the cycle to work scheme?

Local independent bike shops are used by Cyclescheme to help supply the right package of bike, accessories and safety equipment with expert advice. Bikes purchased with cash are not accepted in the scheme.

Do all companies have a cycle to work scheme?

All company employees are eligible for the scheme if they are UK taxpayers via the PAYE system and over 16 years of age.

Does the National Health Service have a cycle to work scheme?

How do I apply for the cycle to work scheme? The local bike shop that is part of your scheme will be provided by the website.

Is it possible to use cycle to work scheme online?

Employees can choose whether to shop in-store, online, on mobile, via click and collect or factory direct.

Is it possible to pay off my cycle to work scheme early?

The bike or equipment will remain the property of the employer if an employee leaves early. They will no longer be able to take advantage of the savings made by paying for the bike or equipment from their gross salary before tax.

Can you buy two bikes for the cycle to work scheme?

If you want to get more than one bike, you can, as long as they are suitable and safe for you to ride, and your total doesn't exceed your scheme's maximum limit.

Is it possible to buy a bike frame on the cycle to work scheme?

Yes. The government relaxed the rules of the scheme in order to allow you to purchase a frame, components, or clothing and accessories with the voucher. Children's bikes are not available through any of the Cycle to Work schemes.

Is the cycle to work scheme still running?

The business is still open. Companies can continue to make cycling more accessible by signing up for Cyclescheme. It can be used at another store.

Can I use the cycle scheme at the store?

The tax-saving bike-buying service is called Cyclescheme. Employees pay no tax or National Insurance on their repayments, and after VAT and other discounts, up to 50 percent of the ticket price will have been knocked off.

Is it possible to buy a bike through my business?

You can purchase a bicycle for an employee through your company. 50% of the bicycle's use should be for work. The bike must remain with the company through the loan period.

How much does the employer pay for cycle to work?

You can recover the cost of the bike from the employee using salary sacrifice. Employees can save up to half of the retail price of bike and equipment, and your company can save 10% on employer contributions.

How much do employees pay for cycle to work?

Employees can save between 25% and 39% on the cost of the bike and accessories with our offers.

How many times can I use the cycle to work scheme?

Is it possible to get a new bicycle on the cycle to work scheme? The scheme can be used year after year. If the sum of the deductions does not exceed the limits set by your employer or scheme provider, you can have two certificates running concurrently.

How can I get a cycle to work voucher?

To get your voucher, you need to visit your local bicycle shop and get a written quote. You can request a cyclescheme certificate from the website. The e-voucher can take up to three weeks to arrive.

Does it have a cycle to work scheme?

The bikes-for-work scheme is for 300,000 employees. The retail giant hopes the scheme will encourage employees to commute by bike. Those who use a staff Privilege card will receive a 10% discount on top of the available tax savings.

Does Evans Cycles offer a discount?

You can still save money by taking advantage of the regular money-saving deals and promotional codes that Evans Cycles has, such as the recent code that gave 50% off selected clothing.

Does Sainsburys cycle to work?

We will give you a 10% discount on the cost of the bike if you hire it through the cycle to work scheme. While you are saving the planet, you will save money on tax and National Insurance.

Does Royal Mail have a cycle to work scheme?

The entire cycle-to-work plan was handed over to the retailer by the Royal Mail Group. Royal Mail staff have taken up the cycle-to-work scheme.

If you are self employed, can you do a cycle to work scheme?

You can't take part in Cyclescheme if you're unemployed or self-employed. You can't sacrifice your salary tax efficiently if you don't pay PAYE tax.