About us


promptquestion.com is an information website that specializes in articles that answer common questions about sport, science, pets, television, films, business and more. Our articles are updated regularly and are question orientated, meaning that our information is usually written in response to a question or a group of questions that are currently popular.

What our website is about

Our website is primarily focused on topics that are current and relevant such as sports and television. If we deem a subject matter to be of demand and we believe that users are interested in learning more about that given subject, we will work on adding in a range of articles that focus on answering some of the most common and sometimes uncommon questions that people have about that subject. The articles that you will find on promptquestion.com will usually include around 10 or more questions that we work hard on answering correctly and in an understandable manner.

Why we write our content

We believe that information should be free and that if people have questions then they should have those questions answered. We group questions into articles so that they can be found in the search results and in turn, be read by people that seek out that information. In order for us to write this content, we need to see demand so the topics and categories are diverse and we believe in doing this, we can have an extremely relevant website.

Our future

Currently, we are working hard on producing high-quality articles that can be read by people seeking out information. Until further notice, we will be continuing our efforts to produce this content. We are always open to suggestions about the content that should be displayed on our site, so please feel free to use the contact form to send us a message about a topic of interest.

How to contact us

If you need more information on our website or you need to contact us for any other reason you can contact us via our contact form on our contact us page. You can also contact us by email which will be displayed on our contact page.